3 free iPhone OS apps to Keep You Entertained this Summer

We all know the summer holidays can be a long and expensive affair, so we’re offering you 3 free iOS apps to keep you entertained.

1. Audio Game Hub

Enjoy 8 unique arcade games and an out of this world audio-visual experience in Audio Game Hub.

Audio Game Hub is a set of eight experimental arcade videogames that use audio as their primary interface. Dive into a rich world of sounds and experience the unique collection of mini audio games as you attend the medieval archery contest, play in the casino or fight the finest samurai warriors.

The Audiogames include:

  1. Slot Machines (Casino)
  2. Archery
  3. Hunt
  4. Samurai Tournament (up to 4 player)
  5. Samuari Dojo (up to 4 player)
  6. Labyrinth
  7. Memory (Animal Farm)
  8. Blocks (Bejeweld)

2. Line Runner 3

Line Runner 3 is the sequel to one of the most downloaded running games on mobile devices from the developers of Line Runner, Rope’n'Fly.

Test your reflexes and decide where to fly whether to tap left or right to ensure your stick man keeps on running. Don’t be fooled by the simple controls, things get much harder and faster the more you play this appealing game.

3. Dots

This addictive puzzle game is simply about connecting. the same colour dots horizontally, vertically or in a square. Simple, yet effective, Dots is sure to kill a few spare hours on that long haul flight.

• TIMED: Can you beat the clock? Connect as many same-colored dots as you can in 60 seconds
• MOVES: An un-timed moves based mode; kick back & take your time making the right moves
• ENDLESS: Relax and play; the no-limits, gravity shuffling mode of Dots

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