6 Useful features of Android Marshmallow 6

According to leaks and internet rumours, the next version of Android OS, Android’s Nougat, is less than four weeks away. But before we steam ahead are you getting the most from your current OS: Android Marshmallow?

We list 6 of the less commonly known features which will allow you to get the most out of your handset.

1. Google Now on Tap:

Google Now on Tap is essentially Google search within your handset’s apps, with the main idea being to extend the reach of Google across your mobile, making it easier and faster to find the information you need. Simply by holding down the home button Now on Tap will “scan” the app for relevant information, which will then be displayed as cards.

2. Lock screen message

To add a custom message on your lock screen, go to Settings > Security > Lock Screen Message and then type in your message. It’ll appear as scrolling text.


There are many uses for this, but the most useful would be to have your contact info in the event you lost your handset or even allergy or in case of emergency details for medical reasons.

3. Voice control from the lock screen

Replacing the phone calling app in Lollipop, Marshmallow have located the Google Now app in the bottom left of the screen, allowing access to voice commands without having to unlock the phone first.

android-marshmallow voice control

4. Change default apps in Marshmallow

Now in Marshmallow you have the ability to choose which apps are the default choice for certain actions, including your web browser, phone call app or SMS. ou’ll need to use the new, dedicated default app manager.

Change default apps in Marshmallow

Here’s where to find it:

1: Go to Settings and then tap on Apps

2: Select the cog wheel in the top right and then choose Default apps from the menu. > Applications

3: Tap on the setting, and choose the new default app for this action.


5. Battery Saver On

Thanks to the built-in Doze feature, Android Marshmallow offers a much battery efficient experience than previous Android versions

Stretch the battery life even further by turning on the Battery Saver feature. (Don’t forget this will reduce performance, location services and data so use when necessary)


Access Battery Save Feature via: Settings > Battery > Battery Saver


6. Display the Battery Percentage on the Status Bar


To temporarily show the battery percentage, simply swipe down from the status bar and you’ll see the battery percentage in the Quick Settings pull-down.

To permanently display the percentage, go to the System UI Tuner and swipe the ‘Show embedded battery percentage’ toggle to on. Now you’ll be able to see your battery performance all day, just like an iPhone.

The latest handsets support Android Marshmallow 6 include Sony Xperia XA Ultra, Samsung Galaxy S7 and the Huawei P9 Lite; all available sim free today.


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