8 Rumours surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S8

It has been all but confirmed that Samsung are likely to announce the successor to the incredibly popular Samsung Galaxy S7, the Samsung Galaxy S8, at Mobile World Congress 2017.

Alongside the Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge, Samsung’s latest flagship is likely to make up for the disaster of “explosion gate” thanks to some impressive features and specifications.

We’ve collected 8 of the best rumours:

1. Goodbye Headphone Jack

Samsung galaxy s8 headphone jack

Taking their lead from Apple, it is rumoured that Samsung are to do away with the headphone jacks in their latest handsets. Backed up by claims from SamMobile, the South Korean tech giant are also planning to launch a new pair of wireless earbuds to accompany the Galaxy S8 later this year.

2. Edge to Edge Display

There are many ‘leaked images’, rendors and concept images based on information from reliable sources suggesting the Galaxy S8 could a bezel-less device. Unlike the Galaxy S7 range, both smartphones released may feature the curved display.

3. No Physical Home button

Samsung galaxy s8 bezel less

To help achieve the bezel-less design it is likely that Samsung may remove physical keys altogether from the front of the handsets, leaving users to rely on the virtual buttons on the screen. It is believed that the decision to get rid of the capacitive buttons will allow Samsung to reduce specific bezels at the bottom of the device.

4. 5.2 inch 4K Display

4k display for the samsung galaxy s8

With Samsung heavily pushing virtual reality, we would not be surprised to see powerful screen resolution on the device. Many leaks are pointing to  5.2-inch 4K-capable display (with a 2160 x 4096 resolution) enhancing the experience when paired with a Samsung Galaxy Gear and Google Daydream VR.

5. Power

Pocket Lint reported that the Galaxy S8 may pack a powerful punch thanks to a 3.2GHz octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 processor and 6GB of Ram.

6. Scanners, Batteries and Mini Projector

Other rumours suggest the inclusion of a retina scanner, fingerprint scanner, wireless charging (of the possible 4200mAh mega battery) and even an inbuilt mini-projector so you can share your media with your friends in a more sociable setting. 

7. Camera

samsung galaxy s8 camera

Previous rumours suggested a possible dual-lens camera for this device, but more up-to-date information leans towards the introduction of a massive 30 megapixel camera (with OIS) and an 8 megapixel selfie camera. Samsung are also likely to ditch unwanted camera protrusion, with a  rear camera that sits completely flush to the body of the handset.

8. Release Date

Samsung galaxy S8 MWC17

Whilst this piece of information has not been confirmed, it can be predicted quite easily. Since the release of the Galaxy S2, all Galaxy handsets have been announced at or around the time of the Mobile World Congress (MWC) event in Barcelona. If this pattern continues, we can look forward to hearing concrete news late February this year.

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