Android App of the week: A Call from Santa!

With the first few doors of the advent calendar already open, parents around the globe are taking advantage of Santa’s up coming arrival to encourage the best behaviour from their children.

A Call from Santa

A Call from Santa offers personalised magic phone calls from and to Santa Claus (for free without limits) to help you get the best from your children during Advent.

Here’s what you can expect:

The real voice of Santa talking!
- Make unlimited free calls, no limits, no costs
- Featuring Santa’s real voice!
- Children can record a voicemail message for Santa with their Christmas wish list
- Let Santa write down your child’s name on the naughty or nice list
- Santa tracker: find out what Santa is doing right now
- Check the weather forecast for the North Pole
- Hear the names of Santa’s reindeers
- Countdown to Christmas: hear how many days are left until Christmas

Download A Call from Santa (also available on iOS) on any Android device including the new Google Pixel and Pixel XL today!


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