Android App of the Week: Cabana, the group messaging chat from Tumblr

Cabana is Tumblr’s new app for hanging out and watching stuff. Video chat with up to five of your friends while watching YouTube videos together. Anytime, anywhere. It’s just you and people you like, so you’re already camera-ready.”

cabana app

Up to six friends can hang out in a “room” in the Cabana App and share videos from YouTube that they watch together, in real-time and in sync. Whilst you can participate in only one room at a time, but you can leave and rejoin as you please. You’ll also enjoy tools toflip your camera around, lock the room, mute your device and add friends.

The app has been introduced under the Tumblr brand and is defiantly one for the social Android users out there.

Key Features:
— HANG OUT: Video chat with up to five of your friends.
— WATCH STUFF: Watch YouTube videos together while you chat.

Download the Cabana App on your Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy S8 today.


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