Android App of the Week: MoodCast Diary

The Android App, MoodCast Diary, helps you keep track of how you’ve been doing over the course of every day. After completing an entry, the app determines whether the mood was positive or negative allowing you to monitor how your mood has changed over the lifetime of your usage with it.

Pro users can link things like Twitter and Facebook to import your various status updates and tweets into the app.

moodcast diary

Keep track of your daily mood & activities effortlessly and intelligently, find patterns and build new habits.

Track mood effortlessly

Keep track of your daily mood and routines effortlessly by adding notes, mood and activities.

Collect data from social networks & apps

MoodCast fills in the blanks by collecting posts on Facebook, Twitter*, Instagram* and Journey automatically.

Smart mood prediction

Predict mood as you write in editor and in activities collected from social networks & apps using Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Find patterns & build new habits

Useful statistics can identify new and emerging patterns in life. By recognising the patterns, you can work on changing old habits with brand new ones.

Google Drive Backup & Restore

Backup and restore your journal privately in Google Drive.

Download MoodCast Diary on your Samsung Galaxy S8 and BlackBerry KEYone on release.


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