Android Marshmallow has arrived!

Already available on the Nexus 6P and the Nexus 5X straight out of the box, the latest version of Google’s operating system focuses on improving the overall user experience of Lollipop whilst introducing new features.

android marshmallow

A standout feature is Google Now on Tap which allows users to obtain additional information instantly in a single tap. It cleverly anticipates what you need to know and will come up with spot on information in an instant.

With a smarter battery which with the help of “Doze” will automatically put the device into power-saving sleep mode whilst with “App Standby” network activity will be reduced in the apps when the device is unplugged.

With greater control, Android Marshmallow lets you identify exactly what you want to share and when. And with secure fingerprint access to the device you can safely and easily sign in and pay via Android Pay.

The Marshmallow apps menu works in a completely different way to Lollipop. With apps arranged alphabetically they can easily be scrolled by a vertical thumbing movement and a new feature allows you to the device by the use of a simple interface which shows how much memory has been used and how it has been used.

With better battery, greater control of apps and data together with Now on Tap, Marshmallow is both a significant step forward and a solid upgrade.

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