Apple App of the week: 24ME

Are you always late for appointments? Struggling to keep up with hectic modern life? Check out 24me, hailed as Apple’s App of the week.

24me is a Smart Personal Assistant app that manages and unify all your calendars, tasks, notes and personal accounts into one easy to manage application. Connect to Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Exchange, Yahoo! Calendar, Apple iCal and many more.

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Using an advanced technology, 24me redefines productivity and gives you heads up about everything that’s happening in your day, reminding you about what coming up next and automatically taking care of things for you – just like a real Personal Assistant would. 24me even helps you completes tasks; with a tap of a button you can send gifts for events, have real life assistants to run your errands, post greetings, call, text and email.

Download 24me on you Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus today.


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