BlackBerry DTEK50 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Security

Both Samsung and BlackBerry have upped the security game with their latest handsets, the BlackBerry DTEK50 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. With the majority of shopping, banking and payments now being done online, security is a hot topic in the mobile world.

What’s interesting is that both manufacturers have gone down rather different routes for added security, both of which offer their own benefits. We take a look in a little more detail.

BlackBerry DTEK50: DTEK Security

BlackBerry are renowned for taking security seriously, and the DTEK50 doesn’t disappoint.  World-renowned security experts have created a hardware root of trust is built in to the processor, whilst the DTEK50 secure boot process ensures each stage of the secure boot chain is verified.

blackberry dtek50 dtek


BlackBerry also integrated their DTEK  app into the handset. DTEK by BlackBerry encrypts data on your device and “will automatically monitor your OS and apps and let you know when your privacy could be at risk and how you can take action to improve it. With a quick glimpse of your DTEK50 you’ll  be able to track the overall security rating for your device and take advantage of BlackBerry’s quickest ever security patches. Read more bout DTEK here.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Iris Scanner & KNOX

Last week we hinted that Samsung Pay may be utilising Iris scanning for added security to online payments, but why exactly should we trust it?  Samsung state that “The patterns of our irises are incredibly complex and no two irises are the same—even on the same person. And because iris authentication leaves no physical mark on the Galaxy Note7 it’s impossible to replicate, making it one of the most secure ways to protect your data.” Iris scanning will remove the hassle of passwords by letting you log in to websites on the Samsung Internet browser.

Samsung Note 7 Iris Scanner

You’ll be able to unlock your phone with your iris, but also via your fingerprint or pattern, and you’ll be able to utilise Samsung KNOX to store private information that can only be accessed by you. Advertised as Samsung’s defence-grade system, KNOX will make sure all your data stays private.

Purchase the BlackBerry DTEK50 or Samsung Galaxy Note 7 today.


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