What makes the BlackBerry Priv so secure?

The BlackBerry OS was the first in the mobile market to provide secure emails and apps by pioneering app permissions and personal data control. This meant that BlackBerry has long been the first choice for users looking for first rate security, whether it be at work or at home.

BlackBerry Priv Security

When news hit that BlackBerry were migrating to Android, it was understandable that questions were raised about the continuation of that security protection. However, BlackBerry’s Priv does exactly what the name suggests and puts privacy at the heart of everything it does. We’ve outlined some of the new features which keeps your confidential information safe and secure.

The BlackBerry Hardware Root of Trust is a process which builds cryptographic keys into the hardware of the Priv that work hand in hand with the Verified boot and Secure BootChain to securely  authenticate hardware and software components. The handset also encrypts all data stored by the user automatically in a process that is FIPS 140-2 compliant.

Allowing users to separate work and personal data by using Google’s Android for Work features, the Priv provides added security in a similar way to previous BlackBerry handsets. Building upon this, the new Android Vulnerability Patch Program also allows the circumvent carriers and directly apply critical security updates as quickly as possible. Blackberry Enterprise Service also provides more control over which software updates are applied.

BlackBerry Priv

With 52% of smartphone users with bank accounts in 2014 primarily use mobile banking, security issues and worries are obvious. The BlackBerry Priv promises to deliver the most secure mobile banking experience thanks to the DTEK by BlackBerry feature. This includes a dashboard to display how you have secured your private information and what device functions are access by your apps.

Further security enhancements include these two popular password features:

Picture Password: Unlock your device using a number sequence distributed on a randomised grid, protecting against several common attack methods which can include smudge patterns, overseeing your password or brute force.

Password Keeper: This Android for Priv app allows you to store confidential information, such as your passwords, in a single secure location. Simply create a master password and enter your login credentials for each site or app. The Password Keeper also includes a handy password strength meter to improve the overall strength of your passwords.

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For further technical details on the Priv’s security check out the 36-page guide from BlackBerry themselves.

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