Celebrate Pokémon GO’s one-year anniversary with a special-edition Pikachu.

You’ve been enjoying Pokémon for a whole year now and we’re ready to celebrate this marvel in AR with a variety of special Pokemon events launching throughout the month of July. The official anniversary landed on 6th July, but Pokemon Go developer Niantic have celebrating all month, leading up to Pokemon Go Fest in Chicago on July 22nd.

Rumours began circulating when Apple’s App Store in India launched a new ad for Pokemon Go hinting at the release of a “Special Pikachu Hat”  and first legendary Pokemon.This special Pikachu with hat actually refers to Pikachu wearing Ash’s hat from the legendary Pokemon TV show.

This new Pikachu variant comes a few months after Party Hat Pikachu and the Santa Hat Pikachu and is for a limited time. Ash Hat Pikachu was around to celebrate Pokémon Go’s Anniversary on July 6th, but don’t panic if you’ve missed him, Ash Hat Pikachu will be around until July 24th.

Download Pokemon Go on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus today.



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