Connecting your HP Elite X3 to your PC

This week we video reviewed the HP Elite X3, a handset that is design to deliver high end experiences plus management and security capabilities that appeal to end users and IT departments alike. Start a task on the go and finish at your desk without saving, syncing, or restarting with the Elite x3, Microsoft Continuum, and the desk dock included.

HP Elite x3

The HP Elite x3 Desk Dock works as a charging station for your phone, and it gives you the option to connect your HP Elite x3 to a monitor, TV, or other display, using the Microsoft Continuum feature. You can also connect a keyboard and mouse to the desk dock for use on an external display. These features give you the option to move between a mobile experience and a PC experience, depending on your needs.

Use the following steps to set up the desk dock:

  1. Connect the AC adapter to the desk dock, then connect the AC adapter to a working power outlet.
  2. To charge your HP Elite x3, sit the handset in the desk dock.

Connecting to an external display using Microsoft Continuum

Microsoft Continuum is a feature that allows you to connect your phone to a larger display, creating a more productive work environment. Use supported apps (Office apps, for example) from your phone on the external display.
To connect your HP Elite x3 to an external display with the Microsoft Continuum feature, use the following steps:
1. If you are using a TV as the display, make sure the input is set to the corresponding cable type (DisplayPort, for example).
2. The desk dock comes with a DisplayPort connection. Connect a DisplayPort cable or adapter to the desk dock, then connect the same cable (if using DisplayPort on the external display) or the adapter cable to the display.


Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 13.52.253. Connect the phone to the desk dock.

4. From the Welcome screen, tap Got it.

5. From the HP Display Tools screen, tap Tap to control (name of your display) The external display shows the message, Welcome to Continuum.
6. If you see the Welcome to Continuum message on the external display, select I see it on the phone.
7. An introductory video shows on the external display. Tap Skip video when you are done watching the video.
8. Tap Done to close the setup and start using Continuum.
Purchase the HP Elite X3 today, available with UK and international delivery. 

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