Elevate Your Remote Work With A Tablet


With the prominence of remote work in our lives, people have been rediscovering ways to improve their home offices. From DIY design upgrades to new tech, there are many ways you could make working from home more productive. Are you feeling like your home office isn’t meeting the demands of your job? Take the logistical stress out of your day and consider if buying a new tablet if the right choice for your needs.


Tablet Talk

You’ve probably heard all about the big tablet boom. From media portrayal to high end brand releases, tablets are all the rage these days. The majority of the big telecommunications brands have their own version of a tablet, the most well-known of which are Apple’s iPad and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab. Tablets are easier to use than a smartphone because of the bigger screen making it easier to view websites and watch videos. Similar to a smartphone, tablets have a large app market and thousands of app options for users. Tablets are in high demand because they are lightweight and easily portable while holding similar capabilities as a laptop, while being more affordable.  This broadens the world of what a tablet can do from streaming to art design, making the tablet a great asset to your home office. However, there are some reasons a tablet may not be for you. If you need access to an HDMI port or USB ports to connect to a projector, non-wireless printer, or hard drive, then a computer may be better suited for you. With that being said, a tablet can be a great addition to households who already have computers but would like a more transportable option for their remote work or school.


Tablets At Unlocked Mobiles 

Does this sound like your remote work situation?  Unlocked Mobiles has a great collection of competitively-priced tablets available with international shipping. Browse our inventory today to discover some of Samsung’s most popular and highest performing tablets. With our tablets starting at just £154.15 for the Motorola XOOM 2 Media Edition, you don’t have to break the bank to elevate your home office. Shop with Unlocked Mobiles today!


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