Google Play gets an Artificial Intelligence Makeover

Google have seriously overhauled their music platform, launching the improved Google Music this week on Android, iOS and on the web.

The big update?  Google will now be using AI to offer streaming mixes based on your location and activity. As Elias Roman, Lead Product Manager at Google Play Music revealed, the new app will utilize machine learning and new advanced algorithms to deliver best possible listening recommendations to its users. New factors taken into account when suggesting music will include your location, activity, and even weather.

Google Play

For example; if you’re going for a workout Google will play appropriate gym music, or if you’re out on the beach get ready for some chilled out tunes and if you’re out on a sunny day listen out for preppy songs to keep your feet tapping.

The new version of the app now promises to be the most personalised ‘DJ’ on offer and boasts a redesigned home screen whose contents will depend on your music preferences and habits. Google says the new Play Music will start to roll out in 62 countries this week.

For those worried about security risks, these features are ‘opt in’ and completely optimal.

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