Google release unedited photos taken on the Pixel 2 and they’re pretty amazing.

The 19th October is penned eagerly in our diary, as we await the release of the Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL.

Promising the ‘highest quality smartphone camera experience’ for a second time, we’re interested to see just what you can expect to get from the flagship devices.

Isaac Reynolds, a product manager at Google’s Camera department published an album on Google Photos this weekend, making using of Google Photos’ “original quality” uploading. Reynolds showcased a range of photographic styles including landscapes, low-light shots, moving subjects, and the Pixel 2’s new portrait shooting mode.

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The photographs demonstrate the incredible dynamic range, the vivd colour balance, the proper white balance available when using the Pixel 2′s camera. The HDR+, which uses an algorithm that allows the tiny sensor to “act like a really big one,” also influences this greater dynamic range.

Check out the full range of photographs captured by Reynolds and preorder your Google Pixel 2 today.



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