How does BlackBerry deliver Cybersecurity so successfully?

BlackBerry are known as the market leaders in cybersecurity, offering ‘ military-grade BlackBerry Secure architecture to protect fast-evolving enterprises and governments as they scale exponentially from personal mobile devices to billions upon billions of connected IoT endpoints’ - Carl Wiese Inside BlackBerry

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It therefore comes as no surprise that BlackBerry were ranked in the top 7% globally of all cybersecurity firms on the recent Cybersecurity 500 list earlier this year.

How have they achieved this?

BlackBerry Secure architecture:

  • provides a single platform for securing, connecting and mobilizing companies and their workers.
  • ensures all the endpoints are secure
  • delivers a unified solution for managing the complexity along with the massive flows of data that all of your endpoints create and consume.
  • provides unique cybersecurity and other professional services to test the safety of your networks, to tackle the difficult tasks of planning for and ensuring compliance with new security and privacy protocols and regulations, such as GDPR in Europe along with a whole lot more.
  • uses 39,000+ security-related patents, the world’s most secure cryptography, and more than 80 security certifications to work for you.

BlackBerry will continue on with their mission statement is to support their client partners allowing them to focus on their core business while we provide them with a highly-developed security posture capable of staying well ahead of today’s rapidly evolving cyber threats.

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