Just how durable is the Samsung Galaxy S7? The Extreme Test Edition.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge promise to be water resistant and dust resistant thanks to the IP68 rating. With sealed off internal components whilst retaining the micro USB ports, you won’t even have to open extra caps or covers to access your water resistant ports.

Youtube is the home for extreme phone testing, especially when a manufacturer releases a flagship handset. We’ve rounded up the best of the S7/S7 Edge extreme video to see just how much the S7/S7 Edge can withstand.

First up: Which smartphone will take the award for being most durable under boiling hot temperate water in 2016? (source TechRax)

TechRax pit the iPhone 6S and Galaxy S7 against each other in a battle of survival in a pan of boiling water. It’s important to note that the iPhone 6S is not water resistant unlike the S7, but the iPhone did beat the previous Galaxy S6 on water testing so it’s not a completely unfair match.

During the test, the iPhone’s temperature warning goes early, shutting down the handset after only a couple of seconds. Interestingly, despite the heat the Samsung Galaxy S7 stays on far longer than its competitor. The S7 does eventually power off to ‘reduce heat’ on the handset just before being removed from the boiling water.

Watch the full video to see which handset survives:

Next up: Can the S7 survive being frozen in a block of ice and dropped from a 100 FT height? (Source: GizmoSlip)

Gizmoslip set the S7 in warm water and freeze it over night, leaving it on the ‘always on’ setting. Surprisingly the handset remained on despite being complete frozen for over 12 hours. Check out the video to see how it survived the 100ft drop:

The Third test: Let’s submerge the S7 in a bowl full of Coca Cola. Why not? (source: adrianisen)

What happens when the Samsung Galaxy S7 is left, fully submerged in a bowl of Coke for over 3 mins by adrianisen? Watch on:

Finally: Apple iPhone 6s vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Fire and Burn Test! (source: Zach Starlet)

So the moral of the story, as long as you don’t attack your handset with a flamethrower (!) and you’re looking for an extremely durable, high end device the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are for you.

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