HTC continues to lead the way in innovation with the HTC U11′s Squeezable Edge Sense Technology

HTC are known for their innovation, being one of the first manufacturers to offer dual cameras and a full touchscreen design.

The latest device from HTC continues on the path of cutting edge technology thanks to the squeezable Edge Sense technology found in the HTC U11. Using sensors on the sides of the phone, the handset allows consumers to carry out functions on the device by squeezing the device.

“Certainly, with the HTC U11, the innovations and ideas they are looking to bring is a step in the right direction to try to help gain more traction and pick up share of the market and resonate with consumers,” GfK director of technology Imran Choudhary.

“The new change in user interface on the U11 is a novel innovation and we’ll see how that lands with consumers. But the fact they are thinking and trying to push the boundary is a good thing, and I think that is at the heart of why they have remained relevant.”

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