iPhone 7 news, rumours and specifications

Its expected release date isn’t for another 9 months but rumours and speculation surrounding the iPhone 7 are flying.

Apple iPhone 7 specification news rumours and release dates

We all know how Apple work on a ‘tick, tock’ design timeline, with a major changes seen on the iPhone 6 and slight adjustments to the iPhone 6s. This leaves us highly anticipating ground-breaking moves from Apple to keep us hooked on their innovative designs.

Here are our top 10 predictions for the iPhone 7 techs and specs*:

  1. The biggest speculation is that Apple are set to remove the normal headphone jack from its next iPhone in an attempt to make the handset the slimmest on the market. This is proving very unpopular with Apple fans, but we are assured that the bluetooth feature will allow those with wireless headphones access to their music.
  2. It is claimed that the iPhone 7 may be the first model to feature wireless charging, which will also help to keep the handset slim and sleek.
  3. The iPhone 7 Plus could have up to 256GB storage, the most offered on any iPhone yet. Whilst it isn’t the expandable memory option that we’re all hoping for it is an improvement for those who dislike downloading photos and documents on a regular basis.
  4. The handset may also feature a 3,2000mAh battery-12.7 per cent bigger than the iPhone 6s. This would allow up to 24 hours  (approx) talk time on 3G, and up to 12 hours browsing the web on 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi.
  5. The handset is likely to run on the currently unreleased iOs10. One of the biggest additions to iOS 10 may be the anticipated iCloud Voicemail. This will allow Siri to take a user’s call when the owner is busy and write the voicemail messages into text that a user can retrieve their convenience.
  6. A new security system called ‘Rootless’ may make iOS 10 may be unprecedentedly difficult to jailbreak, making the iPhone 7 a competitor to BlackBerry’s ‘security savvy’ Priv for those with sensitive information stored on their handsets.
  7. We predict that Apple will make their 3-D screens even more sensitive to allow greater functionality to their ‘Peeks’ and ‘Pops’
  8. The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus may use a new A10 system-on-a-chip (SOC) making the handsets quicker and more powerful than their predecessors.
  9. The iPhone 7 is likely to at least match, if not better, the iPhone 6s’ camera in terms of f2.2 aperture and 12-megapixel sensor.
  10. We are also likely to see entirely an aluminium alloy casing, without the plastic strips on the back of the phones which many users feel take away from the aesthetics of the iPhone 6.

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*Please note that these specs are predictions based on rumours and speculation. None of these have been either confirmed or denied by Apple. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook to keep up to date with news on the iPhone 7 as and when they are confirmed.