iPhone 8 Plus for only £525 inc vat

We have recently launched a ‘As Good As New’ range powered by AGAN Tech® . These are as new condition iPhones that are powered by a 12 month warranty from AGAN Tech®. Each handset has been tested and certified and has many credentials of a brand new phone.

The AGAN Tech®  range have been selected as they offer a standardisation in the ‘used’ mobile phone market. There are many sellers selling used and refurbished handsets. However, there are many mixed variable and a lot of handsets end up being repaired with non-genuine parts. All of the AGAN Tech®  range are original handsets which have not been broken or had parts changed. Buying an ’As Good As New’ smartphone means that you are also helping to save the environment by buying a recycled product.


Try it for yourself and get the iPhone 8 Plus for only £535 inc vat.


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