Let’s talk about the Sony Xperia X Compact: Small but Perfectly Formed.

Sony recently announced the arrival of two new handsets, the Sony Xperia XZ (offering incredible photographic technology) and the smaller Sony Xperia X Compact. We recently compared the XZ to Samsung’s flagship S7 (read more here) but what has the smaller counterpart got to offer?

Compact Design:

The Sony Xperia X Compact offers comfort and beauty thanks to the unified design, soft rounded shape and high-gloss finish. Its compact size is ideal for one-handed use and it fits easily into your pocket, whilst the well designed, intuitive user interface inside is in true balance with the outside.


1. The Xperia™ X Compact makes it easier for you to take sharp photos of moving objects, even in difficult light.

2. The new 23 megapixel camera with triple image sensing technology lets you take sharp pictures in true-to-life colours of moments in motion, even in challenging light.

3. Record a short close-up video to illustrate how the new SteadyShot™ with 5-axis stabilization reduces camera shake.

Smart Assistant

1. The Sony Xperia X Compact offers Battery Care, which cleverly adapts charging to your user habits to keep the battery healthy and extend its lifespan.

2. Sony’s innovative Smart Cleaner closes rarely used apps Xperia™ Tips for contextual help and extended battery life.

Check out the Sony Xperia X Compact or the slightly larger Sony Xperia XZ handsets Sim Free today.


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