Motorola are bringing the Razr back and it’s going to have a foldable display.

The foldable handset hype has been circulating for some years now. With one foldable handset already on the market to buy and an array of others lined up for this year, it looks to be that a foldable phone isn’t a far-off concept any longer.

One manufacturer joining the race to market a foldable screen design is Motorola, with hints suggesting that their iconic Razr design could be the basis for their foldable flagship. With its unique fashionable clamshell design, Razr became identified as a “fashion” product and an iconic cell phone in the late 2000s. Making a major impact on the market, the Razr was one of the best selling flip phones, so it doesn’t surprise us that this is Motorola’s angle into the fierce fight for the top spot in foldable for 2019.

2018 saw Motorola’s owner Lenovo showcased some innovate bendable display technology. At MWC 2018 we also saw Lenovo’s CEO hint that they are indeed bringing Moto Razr back. He went on to suggest that Motorola’s focus would be on foldable smartphone technology in the coming months. Put the two together and it’s no surprise that the internet is being flooded with Motorola Foldable Razr render.

One of which is from Tech Configurations who have created a Motorola RAZR V4 concept showcasing 3 display design one 6inch primary fordable display, one 2.5inch exterior display to use in the folded model, and a 0.75inch multipurpose display with an integrated fingerprint scanner. They’re suggesting that the small display can also adapt to the user interface and apps providing shortcuts to most important functions. Like in the messaging application the small display would show the smiley for easy access.

The speculation of a foldable razor has been supported by a recent report published in the The Wall Street Journal. The article confirmed that Lenovo’s foldable screen will be the tech housed in the revived Razr and we should expect to see a price tag of roughly $1,500.

Further support for the rumoured foldable design comes in the form of patent designs that were filed on December 17th 2018 and shows a device with a folding screen on the inside, alongside a second smaller screen on the outside.


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