New and improved BlackBerry Secure Enterprise Messaging

If you’re looking for a highly secure and safe messaging service for data sensitive conversations, it’s time to revisit BBM Enterprise.

For over 10 years, BBM Enterprise has offered security to real-time messaging for some of the most recognizable names in government and highly regulated industries.

Last week, BlackBerry announced some enhancements that allow users access to BBM Enterprise directly from their Windows and macOS PCs and devices.

Other features in this update include:

  • Better controls for group chat administration, better status message functionality, and improved contact search.
  • A new “delete chat history” setting that allows users to control what happens when a chat ends.
  • Enhanced IT Policies that allow greater control over user actions within BBM Enterprise.
  • Retracting a chat now deletes both the existing chat and encryption keys for that chat from your device.

Here’s what BlackBerry had to say:

“Whether you’re a business owner trying to protect intellectual property or a medical professional trying to stay HIPAA compliant, BlackBerry has you covered. BBM Enterprise allows you to do everything you need to with your messages, without sacrificing security. It’s a seamless collaboration platform, supported by industry-leading security and proven infrastructure – one that hammers home the difference between secure and BlackBerry Secure.”

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