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The Samsung Galaxy A80 is Now Available

The Samsung Galaxy A80 is Now Available

The Samsung Galaxy A80 Sim Free mobile phone is now available to order on our website. A unique device in design, the Samsung Galaxy A80 features a revolving camera which allows you to take amazing quality normal photos and selfie’s.

The camera on the Samsung Galaxy A range also offers other great effects, usually only found on premium handsets, features such as an Ultra Wide Camera which is built to capture as wide as the human eye can see. There is also depth effect which allows you to capture great detail photographs.

The ‘A’ series from Samsung, including the Samsung Galaxy A80 features a powerful battery, meaning that you stay connected for longer. There is also Samsung Knox which offers you privacy and protection.


Buy the Samsung Galaxy A80 Sim Free online now from Unlocked Mobiles.

iOS13 arrives for Apple iPhone Fans

iOS13 arrives for Apple iPhone Fans

This week Apple announced the release of iOS. OS 13 is Apple’s next operating system for iPhones featuring Dark Mode, a Find My app, a revamped Photos app, new Siri voice, updated privacy features, new street-level view for Maps, and more. The new OS is expected to roll out to devices shortly and can be used on iPhone 6 and above.

One of the main new features compliments what many use their iPhone for; photos and sharing. iOS 13 lets you rotate, crop, and apply filters to videos. Also, in the camera app, you can make portrait lighting adjustments which will allow extra depth to you photos, moving the light closer or further away depending on the look or outcome you are looking to achieve.


Unlocked Mobiles has a variety of Sim Free Apple iPhones available. Our current most popular models are the iPhone XS Sim Free and iPhone 8 Plus Sim Free.

iPhone 7 for only £297

iPhone 7 for only £297

This is not an offer to be missed; we now have the iPhone 7 available for £297 from the new AGAN Tech range. Meaning you are getting a brand new condition iPhone 7 for an excellent price. If you are in the market for a reliable iOS device with great features such as IP rating, fingerprint sensor and high quality camera, then this is a great saving on a smartphone.

The iPhone 7 is twice as fast as the iPhone 6 with the long battery life. Powered by the innovative A10 Fusion chip with 64-bit architecture and embedded M10 motion coprocessor. You can also experience faster 4G LTE with the best worldwide roaming, up to 25 LTE bands.


Buy the iPhone 7 Sim Free online now and get next day delivery.



Google Pixel 3a and 3a XL Now In Stock

Google Pixel 3a and 3a XL Now In Stock

This month Google announced 2 new devices, the Pixel 3a and 3a XL, both offer the things we know and like about the pixel phone, but at a lower cost price. To put it in simple terms, it is Google’s version of the iPhone XR.

These devices offer good specification have also been promised to get support and updates for 3 years from Google. Therefore, you can be sure to always have the latest Android version for 3 years after purchase.


Some of the other features you will find on the Pixel 3a Sim Free and Pixel 3a XL Sim Free are a 12.2 dual pixel rear camera, 64GB of memory and 4GB of RAM.

The new devices are now in stock and available from Unlocked Mobiles.

iPhone X for only £630

iPhone X for only £630

If you want one the best mobile phones on the market and are looking to get the best price, look no further than the iPhone X from our AS GOOD AS NEW range, powered by AGAN Tech ®.

The iPhone X features Face detection and one of the fastest chips and best camera’s ever seen on a smartphone. You also get to enjoy the ease of iOS and the added value to iPhone APP store offers its users


At only £630 inc vat, a brand new condition iPhone X is a great deal. Use any sim card as this device is fully unlocked. You also get a 12 month warranty on the device and can also select our introductory free month of free insurance. Buy your iPhone X Sim Free from Unlocked Mobiles.

Sony Xperia 1 Now In Stock

Sony Xperia 1 Now In Stock

Good news for Sony fans, the Sony Xperia 1 Sim Free is now available and ready to ship. Be one of the first globally to get the amazing new flagship from Sony.

The Sony Xperia 1 features  an amazing full screen display, ideal for gamers on the move who want to enjoy the very best viewing experience. Sony have also ensured that the build quality is like any previous device from them, meaning you get a high end luxury smartphone experience


Buy the Sony Xperia 1 Sim Free online now.

Pre Order the Sony Xperia 1

Pre Order the Sony Xperia 1

You can now pre order the latest Sony flagship smartphone; the Sony Xperia 1 Sim Free.

Featuring the world´s first 21:9 CinemaWide™ 4K HDR OLED display. Pre Order from Unlocked Mobiles and be one of the first in the UK and Worldwide to get your handsets on this amazing handset direct from us.

The Sony Xperia 1 brings a variety of new features in comparison to their previous release. Xperia 1 brings Sony’s Alpha professional technology to a smartphone with BIONZ X™ for mobile. It has RAW noise reduction for clear images in low light and precision focus for striking portraits.

Sony is well known for their great gaming experience, The Xperia 1 allows you to find all your games in one place, block notifications focus performance on playing with Game Enhancer. You can also find tips for your game online, record gameplay and video of you playing together.


You can pre order the Sony Xperia 1 Sim Free now from Unlocked Mobiles.

iPhone 8 Plus for only £525 inc vat

iPhone 8 Plus for only £525 inc vat

We have recently launched a ‘As Good As New’ range powered by AGAN Tech® . These are as new condition iPhones that are powered by a 12 month warranty from AGAN Tech®. Each handset has been tested and certified and has many credentials of a brand new phone.

The AGAN Tech®  range have been selected as they offer a standardisation in the ‘used’ mobile phone market. There are many sellers selling used and refurbished handsets. However, there are many mixed variable and a lot of handsets end up being repaired with non-genuine parts. All of the AGAN Tech®  range are original handsets which have not been broken or had parts changed. Buying an ’As Good As New’ smartphone means that you are also helping to save the environment by buying a recycled product.


Try it for yourself and get the iPhone 8 Plus for only £535 inc vat.

Will we ever see the Samsung Galaxy Fold? We hope so.

Will we ever see the Samsung Galaxy Fold? We hope so.

A little under three months ago a few members of the Unlocked Mobiles team were in attendance at the Samsung event in San Francisco, where Samsung unveiled the future in smartphones, well at least we thought so, with the Samsung Galaxy Fold. The hall was filled with excitement, everyone thought that this was an industry changer and we were expecting a new evolution in handheld devices.

After the announcements, we all made our way through the exhibition area to the sample rooms on either side of the venue, we were all excited to see the amazing new device. However, there was one strange question by everyone at this event when we got to the display stands – just why is the Galaxy Fold not on display? Why would there be an announcement for a product and then not have it to show the people who were invited. If there was an indication that Samsung were not ready to showcase this device then this was it. A week later at MWC in Barcelona, we were greeted with exactly the same situation. However, we had faith in Samsung, even after the Note issues in the past, surely they would not make a similar mistake? Well, it appears to have happened again. The lucky people (press and influences that haven’t paid and would have to return the initial samples) who got to use the device before general sale started to receive their sample units and gradually the devices became unusable and failed.


As of writing this post, we are still unsure at to whether the Fold will be released. We hope it does. We hope it will work and we hope it will make way for a new array of amazing devices from Samsung and other OEM manufacturers. Be confident that if it is released, Unlocked Mobiles will stock the Samsung Galaxy Fold Sim Free, so register your interest on our product page – you never know – it may be the best phone ever released after all!

Pre Order the Google Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL

Pre Order the Google Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL

This week Google announced two new smartphones, the Pixel 3a and the Pixel 3a XL. Both handsets feature similar specifications, the XL however features a slightly larger display.

The Pixel 3a range offer great value for money, selling at £399 for the 3a and £468 for the 3a XL. Both handsets feature 64GB of memory, a 12.2 dual pixel rear camera  and 8 mega pixel front camera. The Pixel 3a has a 5.6 inch display and the 3a XL has a 6 inch display. Google has also offered to endorse the smartphones with 3 years of software updates.


Both handsets are now available to pre order now at Unlocked Mobiles, follow the link for the Pixel 3a Sim Free and the Pixel 3a XL Sim Free and place your order. Stock is due in next week and you can buy the handsets either on a monthly finance plan, or outright. UK customers can also attach a sim of their choice with their order.


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