REDUCTION: £35 off the LG G6

Great news, the LG G6 has been reduced by a further £35.

Now available for £614.98 inc VAT (£512.48 ex VAT), the LG G6 offers an extensive array of specification features.


The UPS for the G6 is definitely the impressive 18:9 screen ratio. Whilst most mobile devices have adopted the 16:9 widescreen format, but the LG G6 offers a taller, 18:9 ratio. Consequently, the device provides the generous feel of the 5.7 inch large screen without any cumbersome width. The phone comes with ridiculously slim bezels allowing the display to take up over 80 per cent of its front side.

The new ratio means that the display is twice as wide as it is high, and LG said it drew inspiration for this format from Univisium, a 2:1 film format that is proving more popular recently.
As Android apps are designed to scale, most apps will have no trouble adapting to the 18:9 format. For full screen apps LG has added an “App scaling” feature that lets you switch between Compatibility (16:9), Standard (16.7:9) and Full Screen (18:9) with a swipe down from the top of the screen.

Purchase the LG G6 today, available with UK and international delivery.


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