Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to use Iris Scanner for Payments

The Galaxy Note 7 will offer us the next step in biometrics, the ability to pay for items and in app purchases with a glimpse.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 includes an iris scanner which is being developed for the opportunity to work as an additional way to authenticate a purchase made via Samsung Pay (in a similar way to our current fingerprint sensors).

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 iris scanner

But why should we use the iris scanner in this way? Simply put the Iris scanner undeniably adds another layer of security to the handset. But it’s interesting to note that unlike other payments via Google or Apple, Samsung Pay does not use NFC chips to take the payments, making it a more secure method.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 iris scanner payments

Further in the future we can see the Iris scanner being used to open up payment or banking apps like PayPal, especially as leaks suggest Samsung are currently working alongside major financial companies in the USA for integration of this security to popular banking apps.

Other handsets that feature Iris Scanners include Samsung Galaxy 950 and Samsung Galaxy 950XL.

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