Will the Samsung Galaxy S7 be joined by a Galaxy S7 Edge and Galaxy S7 Edge+?

Rumours have been circulating about Samsung’s next flagship handset the S7, with the likelihood of an IP67 certificate, 5.7 3D touch display and a likely return to a Qualcomm processor.

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We are also lead to believe that, as with previous releases, the S7 will not be alone. Early January 2016 twitter was blowing up when @evleaks (a well established mobile spec leak account) displayed a graphic showing a possible trio, including a Galaxy S7, a Galaxy S7 Edge, and a Galaxy S7 Edge+.

EVLEAKS S7 rumours

A series of leaks earlier this year mirrored the rumours of two extra dimentions, with a 5.5inch screen (with 73 x 151mm overall size) and a 7.5 inch device which is likely to be the Galaxy S7 Edge+ Phablet.

Similarly to the S7 we expect a downgrade from 16 mega pixel camera to a 12 mega pixel, with focus being placed on a Britecell sensor which will improve photography in low light settings. Samsung has also rumoured a dual-PD (dual-photodiode) technology to be featured on the S7 Edge and S7 Edge+ reassuring us that the drop in megapixels wont necessarily result in a drop in quality.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge concept image

Other rumours surrounding the S7 Edge and Edge+ include improved fast-charging technology which may be wireless.

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