Samsung Galaxy S7 Specs, Rumours and Release Date

Rumours and spec leaks are flying across the virtual world. All eyes are on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S7, the next flagship phone from Samsung’s Galaxy S line. Word is that the handset will be released during Mobile World Congress at the end of February and we for one are extremely excited to see what Samsung are going to offer.

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Those in the know are suggesting that the Galaxy S7 will look very similar to the Galaxy S6, with Samsung just slightly tweaking the spec sheet and design features slightly. It has been suggested that the S7 will be constructed from a slim metal and glass build and will offer a IP67 certified dust and water resistant in a similar way to the Galaxy S5

S7 concept predicted design

Strong claims are also being made that the screen of the S7 will be a 5.7 inch display, with 1440 x 2560 QHD rather than 4K.  However others are stating a 5.1 inch screen with the same pixel resolution making us question whether there will be two S7s of varying sizes. Other rumours include the addition of a 3D Touch technology on the display (similar to that of the Apple iPhone 6s) and a curved/flexible screen.

The handset is likely to run on Android Marshmallow, with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor (not the Exynos processor seen on the Galaxy S6). And we are hoping that the rumours of a microSD support are correct, as it will allow you much better control when expanding the predicted 32GB or 64GB memory.

qualcomm snapdragon 820 processor

Other reports claim that the S7 will appeal music lovers with a possible use of the SABRE 9018Q2M chip and a 32-bit mobile audio DAC. Photographers may want to research the handset a little further as it is rumoured that the S7 will drop down to a 12 megapixel camera. Emphasis is likely to be placed on increasing the sensor size from 1/2.6” to 1/2.0” and equipping the handset with dual-PD technology rather than increasing the megapixels. This would offer a more accurate auto focus through phase detection and better images in low light situations. A trademark application was filed by Samsung for ‘Britecell’ which is an image sensor for mobiles phones, leading us to think these rumours are correct.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Camera

Alongside the S7 we predict the release of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge/Edge+. (Stay tuned for the low downs on the S7 Edge & S7 Edge+.)

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