Samsung promise 5G Handsets in the first half of 2019

Samsung teased us with hints of the Galaxy S10 prior to their CES Press Conference. While we did not get to see the handset per se, we did hear a lot about the tech under the hood of the S10, including 5G technology and 7nm chipsets.


Samsung marked their 50 year anniversary with two big promises; 2019 will be the year we’ll see the “First 5G Smartphone to be Released”, and they are “the first company to receive FCC approval on… commercial 5G equipment.”

Samsung also committed to putting the power of 5G in consumers’ hands in the first half of 2019. As the S range is normally released in Spring, our bets are on the S10, or the rumoured 4 members of the S10 family (including an ‘ultra-premium’ Plus-branded variant and a cut-price ‘budget’ version), being the first in line for 5G connectivity.

Also at CES 2019 is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855, the chipset that’s expected to power the Galaxy S10.

Watch the full Samsung CES 2019 Press Conference for yourself:

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