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Here’s what the Media has to say about the BlackBerry Dtek60 Secure Android handset

Sunday, November 6th, 2016

The secure features of the BlackBerry DTEK60, combined with the up to date offerings of Android is proving a hit for the mobile market.

Check out our video on what makes the BlackBerry DTEK60 secure and scroll down for the Tech Media’s verdict on BlackBerry’s latest release:


“The handset feels premium, while managing to avoid the lookalike trappings of many other flagship devices…The DTEK 60 is the best BlackBerry touchscreen smartphone to date.” –Brian Heater (TechCrunch)

“Once more, BlackBerry has released a new Android device [that] ticks all the boxes for competency…The Hub offers a consistent interface between email, Facebook, Twitter, and countless other applications.” – BlackBerry’s Surprisingly Speedy Return to The Smartphone Market by Ewan Spence (Forbes)

“BlackBerry’s latest phone is pretty high-end, as the company opted for a metal frame and a dual-glass panel design when making the DTEK60. Software has always been BlackBerry’s strongest point…the DTEK60 launches with an extra-safe version of Android 6.0 Marshmallow.” – BlackBerry launches the DTEK60 with metal/glass design, Android 6.0 Marshmallowby Alexandra Arici, (Android Guys)

It’s the world’s most secure flagship smartphone…it has a really good spec sheet, some promising stats right there, and the price point is very good.” – The world’s most secure flagship smartphone, by John McCann (TechRadar)

Source for quotes: Inside BlackBerry Official BlackBerry Blog

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