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5 Accessory Cases for the BlackBerry DTEK50

Friday, July 29th, 2016
The World’s most secure Android handset, the BlackBerry Dtek50, was announced this week. Offering DTEK security to ensure your data is secure from boot up to app use, the handset also offers the best of BlackBerry and Android. The handset also offers incredible enterprise and business use thanks to the pre-loaded Android™ for Work, Google Play™ for Work integration, BlackBerry Hub, Calendar and DTEK. With all this use it’s important to protect you tech.

Here’s our top 5 accessory choices for the BlackBerry DTEK50:
1. BlackBerry DTEK50 Smart Pocket Case: £18.98 (available in Grey/Black or Grey/Tan)
BlackBerry Dtek50 Pocket Case BlackBlackBerry Dtek50 Pocket Case Tan
  • USB port access
  • Keep the conversation going even with pocket on
  • NFC friendly
  • Customized opening for view of time, date and notifications

BlackBerry Dtek50 hard shell case

  • Hard Grip
  • Comfortable grip
  • NFC friendly


  • 360° rotating clip
  • Magnetic Closure
  • Access to USB Port


  • Customised opening for view of time, date and notifications
  • Keep the conversation going with case closed
  • NFC friendly

5. BlackBerry Dtek50 Soft Shell Transparent Case in Black or Blue: £14.98


  • Soft shell design
  • Durable Protection
Check out our first look and review video to hear more on the handset:

Check out our blog for full specifications, full review and pre-order the BlackBerry Dtek50 with coordinating accessories today.


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