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Revealed: Samsung and Disney Collaborate on Zootopia-Themed AR Emojis

Thursday, September 20th, 2018

Augmented Reality Avatars hit our mobile devices late last year, giving us a new way to express ourselves in message beyond the 2D Emoji keyboard.

This month we saw Apple update their Animojis to Memojis (Me + emoji = Memoji) on iOS12, and Samsung up their entertainment game with a development in their collaboration with everyones childhood favourites, Disney.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 was the first pairing of Samsung Electronics and Disney, bringing a number of Disney characters to life as downloadable AR Emojis. Now, the addition of three beloved characters from Disney’s hit movie Zootopia has made messaging on Galaxy devices even more magical.

Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at 09.00.47

Turn yourself into Judy Hopps, Nick Wilde and Flash or one of the ever-growing roster of animated Disney characters that are currently available for users to download, including Mickey Mouse and friends as well as characters from The Incredibles and Frozen.

Simply load up the camera’s AR Emoji mode, tap on the plus icon and select Zootopia AR pack form the Galaxy App store. You’ll then be able to create and share animated emojis, images, videos or gifs to keep your friends and family entertained.


Apple are making us Face Palm and Shrug our way through the week.

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2016

With an new OS update comes a host of new emojis set to complete our iPhone7 messages.

Revealed in a developers’ preview of the release of Apple’s iOS 10.2 software update, the emoji keyboard will finally the facepalm, shrug, selfie and bang on trend Clown mask.

face palm emoji

Face Palm

iOS 10.2 emoji

Lol Face, Cowboy hat, Lying face, Drooling face, Nauseated face, Sneezing face, Prince, Mother Christmas

iOS 10.2 emoji

Man in Tuxedo, Shrug, Face palm, Pregnant woman, Man dancing, Selfie, Hand with index and middle fingers crossed, Call me hand, Left-facing fist

Apple is yet to announce when the 72 new emoji will be available to its customers but we’re looking forward to Facepalming our way through a Monday morning soon.

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