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Why buy a Sim Free Mobile Phone?

Thursday, January 7th, 2016

For the first time in mobile history, the purchasing of Sim Free handsets is becoming as, if not more, popular than buying a handset on a mobile contract. Here’s the low-down on Sim Free purchasing and why it could save you money and provide you with the flexibility with your tech, that keeps you up to date.

What is a SIM?

what is a sim card?

Put simply, a SIM card (also known as a subscriber identity module) is a small piece of circuitry that slots inside your phone and connects you to a specific network. It also provides you with your unique phone number so that you can make calls, send texts and connect to the internet.

What is SIM-free?

Sim-free simply means that you buy any phone of your choice without a Sim card in the package. The Sim-free handsets that we sell on Unlocked-Mobiles are sim-free unlocked, which means they can work on absolutely any network of your choice. Consequently, you are free from any contract and commitment and able to choose any Sim Only or contract network deal that suits you best.

Why buy Sim-free?

Sim free mobile phones

When purchasing a handset from us, you are buying your mobile outright with a one off payment. This makes us an excellent choice for those looking to reduce their monthly outgoings, as you aren’t paying for your hardware on top of your monthly allowance costs for a further one to two years.

Many SIM free phones may appear much more expensive than phones sold on contract. However it is important to remember that whilst the networks want you to think your handset is ‘free’ with your airtime, they are in fact spreading the cost of the phone across your monthly bill for the full length of your contract. This may reduce your initial up-front expenses, but you often end up paying more for the handset in the long run.

Enjoy your freedom with Sim-free handsets.

why buy a sim free mobile

Buying a Sim-free handset also provides a less restrictive way of managing your monthly outgoings. All major networks now offer extremely competitive Sim only plans. Most of these are monthly rolling deals, allowing you to cancel or change the package without being tied to lengthy 12/24 month contract.

It is important to remember that most Sim-only deals also offer the consumer a higher airtime allowance than their handset contract counterparts, meaning you are less likely to go over your monthly spend and face additional charges.

Say up to date with the latest releases.

stay up to date with your mobile

Sim Free purchasing is also a perfect choice for those who like to stay up to date with the latest tech releases. When bought on a contract, you have to wait until that contract ends to receive a new handset, which can be up to 2 years. Buying your handset sim-free allows you to purchase the latest releases the second they are announced, without having to pay a weighty early termination fee to the networks.

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