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iOS 11: What’s new?

Friday, September 15th, 2017

With the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus preorders now live, we take a look at the updates we can expect from iOS11.

Video Credit: You-in-vision

Here’s what’s new from the latest OS at a glance:

  • The Control centre is now customisable, offering a wider range of settings. Multiple screens has gone, while 3D Touch integration has expanded
  • The Lock screen has now been merged with Notification Center.
  • Siri can also translate English into a range of different languages
  • Improved Siri integration with Apple Music
  • Data collected in the Health app can be uploaded to iCloud
  • Messages is also gaining support for a new person-to-person Apple Pay feature
  • Updated design elements
  • iOS 11 supports indoor maps of select malls and airports around the world
  • App Store has been completely revamped providing two distinct sections for apps and games
  • Do Not Disturb driving mode
  • Camera QR code scanning: the Camera app automatically detects QR codes and will respond appropriately, doing things like opening up Safari to a specific website.


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