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iOS 12 Group FaceTime coming this Autumn

Wednesday, September 26th, 2018

Apple have finally released the feature we’ve all been asking for; Group FaceTime. Google Hangouts and Skype have offered it for years, but the latest FaceTime updates will allow you to chat to up to a whopping 32 participants at once.

ios12 group face time

The best news is that Group FaceTime is relatively easy to use. You’ll even be able to you go directly from a group chat to a group FaceTime in the Messages app.

A carousel along the bottom shows all of the FaceTime participants, while those talking are brought into the majority of the screen. Individual windows can be brought full-screen as well.

The much-coveted feature has been seen throughout the iOS12 beta, but Apple have chosen to delay general release until later in the Autumn.

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How to set up your Memoji (Me-emoji) on your new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max

Saturday, September 22nd, 2018

Have you ordered your new iPhone XS or XS Max? It’s time to upgrade your virtual self with the new and improved Memojis from Apple.

That front-facing camera does a few things, including letting you unlock your phone with your face, take selfies and use Memoji.

The Memojis work in the same way as last years Animoji, expect you’re given a wider range of characters, including a fully customisable version of yourself. Together, the A12 Bionic and TrueDepth camera track more than 50 facial muscles to make Memoji that move and react like you.

Using the front-facing camera, moves like you, too.

Make sure your iOS is updated to iOS 12.

Load up messages. The Memjoi app is right in at the top of your keyboard strip.


Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at 13.00.42

You’ll be presented with a list of Apple-designed emoji you can control with your face. But if you’re looking to make a custom Memoji, you’ll need to scroll all the way to the left and tap the “new Memoji” button.

Then simply get creating:


If you’re a Samsung user, don’t worry you wont miss out. Check out our latest blog on how to turn yourself into your favourite Disney Character.


Everything you need to know about Apple’s new A12 Bionic Chip

Wednesday, September 19th, 2018

With the release of the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR comes the latest Apple’s next-generation Neural Engine, the A12 chip. Marketing the new technology to be the ‘smartest, most powerful chip in a smartphone’ is a big claim, so let’s see how it delivers:

“iPhone Xs is packed with next-generation technologies and is a huge step forward for the future of the smartphone. Everything is state of the art including the industry-first 7-nanometer A12 Bionic chip with 8-core Neural Engine, faster Face ID and an advanced dual camera system that shoots Portrait mode photos with Smart HDR and dynamic depth of field,” – Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing

CPU and GPU:

The A12 Bionic incorporates six processor cores – two performance cores to tackle heavy computational task and four efficiency cores take on everyday tasks.
Apple claim their new performance cores perform up to 15% faster than its predecessor and use 40% less power.


The efficiency cores are said to use up to 50% lower power than the A11, whilst delivering the same performance.

In regards to GPU, Apple also revealed that the graphics processing unit in the A12 Bionic is up to 50% faster than last year’s A11.

7 nanometer tech

Boasting ‘the first 7-nanometer chip in a smartphone’, the latest additions to the A12 Bionics within the iPhone family are made up of 6.9 billion transistors. This is a huge 60% increase in transistor count and the 7-nanometer technology has 1.6 times the logic density of its 10-nanometer technology, which was used to build the A11 Bionic.


Neural Engine:

Completing up to 5 trillion operations per second might sound impossible, but that’s exactly what the new eight-core design allows the XS, XS Max and XR to do. Consequently you’ll enjoy faster plane detection for ARKit and new features that use real-time machine learning. It’s certainly a step up from the 600 billion operations per second seen in the A11 Bionic.


The Neural Engine is open to Core ML for the first time too, empowering developers to build apps that utilise the machine learning technology. Core ML running on the A12 Bionic Neural Engine is up to nine times faster than on A11 Bionic, with as little as one-tenth the energy usage. The A12 Bionic chip unlocks new experiences through machine learning and Siri Shortcuts.

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