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Shot on an iPhone XS: Delivering some of the best Mobile Photography on the Market.

Tuesday, September 18th, 2018

Proving one of the most popular phone cameras on the market, last years iPhone X delivered some of the best photographic results when shooting in slow motions, 4k and suing time lapse.

Whilst the iPhone XS may look like it doesn’t offer a huge leap when compared to the iPhone X, the specifications of the lenses and sensors have proven to up the ante quite significantly.

Just like iPhone X, the new iPhone XS lineup features two 12 MP cameras, but the iPhone XS’ main camera has 1.4µm pixels, up from 1.22µm in the iPhone X and on par with the Google Pixel 2. When you pair this with the super fast A12 Bionic chip, Apples new image single processor and the ‘Smart HDR’ (that combines the best parts of multiple photos taken at different exposures into a single image in a similar way to Google’s HDR+) the quality of your shot is beyond belief. The iPhone XS also offers twice as many Focus Pixels, improved low-light performance and a better bokeh for your portraits.

Video capturing has also taken a leap for improvements, as seen in Apple’s “first look” video shot on the iPhone XS within which Apple demonstrates what its new camera is capable of when shooting in slo-mo, 4K, and time-lapse.

Running a series of experiments with a range of materials this video shows the beauty that can be captured on this latest piece of tech. Even if the price tag is rising year on year, the upgrade in photography alone makes it well worth the cost.

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