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Samsung Unpacked: The Samsung Galaxy X

Tuesday, February 19th, 2019

Samsung is bucking the trend, announcing their new devices at the dedicated Samsung Unpacked event this coming Wednesday in San Fransisco rather than at the traditional announcement venue, MWC, Barcelona.

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked
Stakes are high for the Tech Giant as the mobile industry awaits confirmation of their industry changing foldable handset, rumoured to be called the Samsung Galaxy X.

We’ve been hearing tales of folding displays for years, and we’ve finally seen these dreams come to fruition with secretive snapshots of the long rumoured Galaxy X at Samsung’s annual developer conference back in November and as a teaser in their latest marketing video.

The flagship phone, groundbreaking the Galaxy Fold or Galaxy F) is said to offer an incredible 7.3-inch flexible OLED that folds in half. We are also expecting to see a secondary, smaller 4.6 inch OLED “cover display” that lets you continue using the device when the larger display is folded shut.

Other rumoured ground breaking specs include a battery capacity of 6,200 mAh in the form of not one, but two 3,100 mAh batteries.

Like the Galaxy S10, the foldable Galaxy X will be powered by the top-of-the-line Qualcomm SnapDragon 855 chipset, coupled with 6GB of RAM and a minimum of 128GB of in-built storage.

Unlocked Mobiles will be reporting live from the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event, so stay tuned for up to date reports as they happen.

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Samsung to bring out a foldable smartphone in the next few months.

Sunday, February 3rd, 2019

At their developer conference late last year, Samsung announced the first details about its foldable phone. The tech giant teased the audience, revealing that the screen technology will be called the Samsung Infinity Flex Display and then quickly dimmed the lights to cloak the rest of the news in mystery.

Samsung did provide a slither of deals about the phone’s displays and user interface before leaving us in the dark. They’ve hinted that the folding flagship will have two displays: a long 4.5-inch 840 x 1960 screen on the outside of the device, and a foldable 7.3-inch interior display. 

Rumoured to be called the Samsung Galaxy X or Galaxy F, the foldable flagship from Samsung will probably want to equip the phone with a large battery to go with the large display. SamMobile reported Samsung would begin producing flexible batteries with capacities ranging from 3,000mAh to 6,000mAh to support the developments in display technology.

We’ve already seen a patent request from Samsung back in 2016 that may show what the user interface will look like on the new device. filed by Samsung in South Korea the patent was named ‘Electronic Device Comprising Multiple Display and Method for Controlling Thereof‘. It details the software side of how a potential foldable phone launched by the company could work.

Speculation is hot that Samsung’s foldable smartphone could be the next addition to the Galaxy family and billboards erected in Paris suggest we’re likely to see the final product as early as Feb 20th.

Coinciding with MWC in February we’re expecting to find out all the details for the foldable Samsung, alongside the release of the company’s Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus device.

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2019: The Year of the Foldable Handset

Tuesday, January 29th, 2019

There’s no denying that the mobile market is ready for some breath taking innovation to inject some excitement into the industry and it seems that foldable phones may be the design trick to do this.

The foldable handset hype has been circulating for some years now, with patents from the likes of Apple, Samsung and LG surfacing early 2018.

With one foldable handset already on the market to buy and an array of others lined up for this year, it looks to be that a foldable phone isn’t a far-off concept any longer.

We’re hearing hype surrounding the Samsung Galaxy X (possibly named the Galaxy F),  a potential reboot of an old classic – the Motorola Razr, and an unknown startup Royole who are  the first to market, so it seems as though almost every manufacturer is on the race to offer the number 1 in foldable phone technology. And with Google’s commitment to providing Android support for these foldable designs, we’re expecting even more manufacturers to get involved.

Over the next week, we’ll be taking a look at the rumoured foldable handsets one by one, examining patents and the rumoured technology behind the new designs.

First up we take a look at the first to market: The Royole FlexPai Handset

Royole’s website offers the tag line ‘We invent the future’ and who can argue when the unknown tech company cemented their place in wireless history by bringing the world’s first commercial foldable handset to market.

Marketed as a combination of mobile phone and tablet, the FlexPai offers a ultra thin, Cicada Wing fully flexible 7.8″ full color flexible display with 4:3 aspect ratio and 1920 x 1440 resolution.

The handset can be used either folded or unfolded (FlexPai can be folded from 0 to 180 degrees) and incoming calls or photos can be conveniently taken from either side when folded.

Take a look at the official video for more of an insight into this disruptive offering from Royole:

Stay tuned to the blog as we dive into the Samsung Galaxy X (Galaxy F?), along with rumours from Apple, LG, Motorola, Huawei and more across the coming week.



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