Take part in the Samsung Galaxy S9 Photography Challenge

The Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus offer a golden combination of water resistant design and top knotch photography capabilities which allow you to capture the shot in any condition.

Here’s 5 challenges to try out with your Samsung Galaxy S9/S9 Plus:

Double Vision

Samsung Galaxy S9 Camera

Take a friend and find a reflective surface, be it a shop window, a puddle or any other shiny surface.

Then, decide how much of your friend you want to show. You could try showing all of the reflection and just some of the person, or just the reflection–or both. Play around for the best effect.


Neon Lights

 samsung galaxy s9 camera

Take a walk and locate a colourful neon sign at street level and have a friend strike a pose.  Use the light from the sign to light their face. Tap the screen to focus on your friend, drag the brightness scale left or right to darken or lighten, and then shoot.


The Aura

 samsung galaxy s9

Want to know how to create your very own colour filter? All you need is some glow sticks. Hold the sticks close to the camera lens and play around with their positioning. Now, tap the screen to focus on a friend, drag the brightness scale left or right to darken or lighten, and then shoot.

The Halo

 Samsung Galaxy S9

Get ‘The Halo’ effect with car headlights. Position a friend between you and stationary car headlights. Make sure they block the lights entirely for a stunning halo effect around their silhouette. Experiment with different poses and try shooting from a crouched position—not at eye height—for a more dramatic effect.


The Silhouette

 samsung galaxy s9 camera

The best time for capturing a stunning silhouette is Golden Hour—the hour before sunset. Have a friend stand in front of the colourful sky and start snapping. Try different poses and move your camera around until you get a shot you like.

Purchase the Samsung Galaxy S9 and the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus today and get snapping! Don’t forget to tag us on instagram for a regram on our feed!


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