The HP Elite X3: Great for Business

Combining PC power and productivity, tablet portability, and smartphone connectivity the HP Elite x3 promises to be a mobile device built for business.

This handset is design to deliver high end experiences plus management and security capabilities that appeal to end users and IT departments alike. Start a task on the go and finish at your desk without saving, syncing, or restarting with the Elite x3, Microsoft Continuum, and the optional docks.

Upon launch you can chose between Personal or Corporate configuration. Configuring to the corporate setting will instantly set up the handset with default policies, apps and documents that your company wants you to see.

Active directory also employees to can easily access companies apps and data that has been made available to them.

The device also offers Enterprise level security that you’d expect from a PC, with a secondary level Windows 2 biometric authentication options. The handset also offers bit locker encryption that ensures all of the device and company information is encrypted.  HP opts to have an always-locked system. That means if you enable biometric authentication the x3 locks automatically each time the display is turned off.

Theres fingerprint reader and iris scanner which adds a high entry level security system. you can use both iris and fingerprint at the same time or just one o the other. Pull the x3 at your pocket and push the fingerprint reader or power on the phone display and scan your iris. You can opt for a simple Pin code entry if you prefer.

Purchase the HP Elite X3 Sim free today.  All of our HP devices are fully unlocked and sim free for all UK and International customers. You can even switch up your sim or service provider at any time as the handsets will remain unlocked. International and worldwide delivery is generally within 1-2 working days via FedEx, with full 12 month warranty. Don’t forget if you’re purchasing outside the EU you’ll pay the Ex-VAT price.


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