The perfect Mobile phone for Young Children: the Nokia 3310 4G

The new updated version of the classic Nokia 3310 is one of the best options on the market for parents who need to give phones to their children for communication purposes, but are not comfortable with the security issues that smartphones raise.

Here’s the kid friendly features you’ll find when using the Nokia 3310 4G:

The device is easy-to-use with clear and simple menu options. The Series 30+ operating system comes with large app icons and limited but useful features.

It’s got a calculator, calendar, alarm, FM radio and a basic internet browser which comes in handy for emergencies (to get directions or an important phone number.)

With same kind of tough build that the original 3310 was famous for, the 3310 is rugged and will withstand a fairly decent dose of heavy handed usage.

As you’d expect, the battery life is absolutely incredible. It’ll last 31 days on standby, and give you 22 hours of talk time.

While the Nokia 3310 doesn’t offer an extensive choice in gaming apps, kids can enjoy the nostalgic feel of Nokia Snake.

Here’s what you’ll avoid using this device:

Exposure to social media. If you’re wanting a simple handset for emergencies, without exposing your younger children to the unnecessary evils that can lurk in social media the 3310 offers the perfect solution.

Whilst the device offers a capable 2MP camera for snapping photos, users are not able to share or stream photos or videos, ensuring any images taken by your child remain on their handset only.