Top 3 handsets for Construction Workers, Plumbers, Builders and those in the Emergency Services

Phones are no longer just a tool for making and receiving calls, texts and emails. So many of us rely on our handsets as tools at work; to schedule meetings, locate offices and make that important video conference call to Hong Kong in the middle of the night.

But what about those who don’t work the regular 9-5? Those who need support in physical and manual trade. We take a look at the tough boys of the ‘rugged’ handset category and check out what makes them special.

1. CAT S60: £459.98inc VAT

cat s60

Our first offering comes from the veteran of tough-phones Cat. The military-specs featured on the CAT S60 include unseen before water resistance of up to 5 meters deep and a MIL-STD-810G certification making the CAT S60  salt, dust, humidity, rain, vibration, solar radiation, transport and thermal shock resistant. But that’s not all. The CAT S60 is also the first smartphone and more interestingly an integrated thermal imaging camera.

The handset offers a regular 13 megapixel rear camera and pairs it with a FLIR Lepton Thermal camera, which can show 80 x 60 pixels of thermal video. The S60 measures temperatures up to 30m distance in real-time. But CAT didn’t stop there, the CAT S60 combines the image from both cameras to produce images that promise to help construction workers, plumbers, firefighters and emergency services in their many roles.

2. DeWalt Phone: £449.98 inc VAT

Dewalt Phone

A new offering from construction tool giant DeWalt, the DeWalt phone (MD501) offers a rugged Android based experience, built to exacting DEWALT standards.  This robust mobile is IP68 certified, meaning it is protected against water and dust and can withstand drops onto concrete from heights of up to 2.0M. It features an easy-grip design to help minimise accidents and is easy to use whilst wearing work gloves.

With 4G connectivity, with NFC mobile data collection, WiFi, Bluetooth, G-sensor, gyroscope, pressure, magnets and light/range sensors you really have got all the tools for the job. What’s more, the DeWalt MD501 is dual sim, allowing you to divide work and play without having to take two handsets on-site.

3. Samsung Galaxy S7: £619.98

Samsung Galaxy S7

Our final offering is a surprising one. You might not expect to see such a high end handset included in the ‘rugged’ phone section but trust us, it’s a toughie. Similarly to the DeWalt, the Samsung Galaxy S7 has an IP65 rating making it water and dust resistant. Samsung have also cleverly sealed off internal components whilst retaining the micro USB ports, so you won’t even have to open extra caps or covers to access your water resistant ports.

Don’t just take our word for it. Check out our previous blog highlighting the best ‘extreme’ tests carried out on the handset. You’ll be surprised to see the S7 survive being frozen in water for over 12 hours, thrown from a 100ft drop and even pan fried in boiling water.

Other rugged handsets include JCB Toughphone Sitemaster 3G and the more budget friendly CAT B30.


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