Unboxing of the Huawei P9: Leica dual camera

If you’ve been following our Instagram or Google Plus accounts you’ll have seen this little beauty land on our desks:

huawei p9

When we first looked at the Huawei P9 we couldn’t escape the design similarities to the previous P8. The metal body’s chamfered edges give a real premium look, and at 6.98mm thick the handset offers a slimline feel in the hand or pocket. The 5.2 inch screen is surrounded by an extremely tiny edge bezel, while a SIM and microSD tray means potential to expand upon internal storage if you want.

huawei p9 dual camera leica

Huawei partnered with the century-old German optics and camera manufacturer Leica (the first collaboration for the camera company) to grace the handset with its rear dual camera. Leica and Huawei have managed to make the back of the camera sit flush with the rest of the phone with one 12-megapixel full-colour sensor with 27mm f/2.2 lens and one monochrome sensor with the same lens.  The addition of a dedicated monochrome sensor reduces image noise as there is no colour filter array chopping up the pixel size on the sensor. This results in a much better quality and gradation to the image.

The box of the P9 adds to the premium quality feel to the handset.

Here’s what you get inside:

huawei p9 unboxing

huawei p9 unboxing 2

*also included is a standard charging plug

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