Update for Android and iOS users of BBM for consumers

June 2016 saw a collaboration between BlackBerry and their trusted partner Emtek Group, working together to improve the BBM Consumer platform.

Emtek is a leading digital media content company with an impressive portfolio of television, web, and content production assets; CMW is Emtek’s subsidiary.

Emtek and blackberry

Offering a compelling ecosystem, investments, and technology resources to take BBM to the next level, BlackBerry licensed Emtek’s subsidiary Creative Media Works Pte Ltd (Co. Reg. No. 201609444E) the rights to develop and offer cross-platform BBM.

Since their partnership, BlackBerry has been gradually transferring certain aspects of the platform to CMW, such as development of the BBM application itself. To make this a seamless transition, BlackBerry will transfer your BBM Consumer data to CMW for its continued operation of the BBM platform.

Here’s some additional information from BlackBerry regarding the shift:

What is BlackBerry’s ongoing involvement in BBM Consumer?

BlackBerry owns 100% of BBM and has licensed the rights to BBM Consumer (i.e., the Android, iOS and Windows Phone versions of BBM) to CMW. BlackBerry continues to operate the BBOS and BlackBerry 10 versions of BBM, as well as BBM Enterprise (formerly BBM Protected). If you use these other versions of BBM, keep in mind that they are distinct from BBM Consumer and not affected.

What will CMW be doing?

As CMW takes over BBM Consumer operations, you can expect additional new BBM content and services, and continued improvement in your access to content and features to continually improve. CMW is committed to securing your information as set forth in these updated BBM Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. CMW has already included new security features such as Second Factor Authentication (2FA) for registration via e-mail or phone number.

What should I do if I prefer not to have my data transferred to CMW’s BBM platform?

If you prefer not to have your data transferred to CMW for its continued operation of the BBM platform, you may discontinue using BBM Consumer and close your account before February 26, 2018.

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