Using the Microsoft Display Dock

By adding the Microsoft Display Dock to your Home Office you can leave your laptop at work. You can do more without your computer by docking your Lumia 950 or 950XL into the display dock. Simply use a mouse, monitor and keyboard you will have the ability to create an instant PC. Organise emails, prepare Powerpoint presentations and much more on a big screen and full sized keyboard, all powered by your phone. Even whilst working on the external monitor you can still make and receive calls and texts without interfering with your work on the monitor.

Microsoft display dock

The hardware adaptor features three USB ports, USB Type-C, HDMI and DisplayPort and you can also plug in a USB drive. Once your phone is plugged into the dock an external monitor starts up with the mouse and keyboard ready to go. There’s a smooth 60 fps refresh rate and the USB-C port will charge your Windows 10 phone as you work.

Make use of the bigger screen, leave your laptop at work and enjoy a PC-like experience by adding the Microsoft Display Dock to your home office to use with your Windows 10 phone.