Video Footage taken on the Google Pixel Leaked… and it looks awesome.

Earlier this week we reported a tale of an Australian man (Reddit handle of ”Wooparse.”) who was accidentally sent a Google Pixel a week before its official release date by the country’s exclusive carrier, Telstra.

‘Wooparse’ leaked images of the handset and video footage of the auto focus feature. We’ve now got our hands on some more leaked video captured by ‘Wooparse’ on the Google Pixel (which boasts a DxOMark Mobile score of 89, 12.3 megapixel main rear camera, f/2.0 aperture and huge 1.55 micron pixels.)

Here’s the, now famous, Australian guy filming his pet dog:

What’s clear from the 4K footage is the clarity and stability of the recording. We can’t wait to see how the handset copes with low light situations thanks to the f2.0 aperture and incredible micron pixels offered once the handset is released.

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