Video review of the Huawei P9′s Leica Camera

If you’re a keen photographer looking for a new smartphone, it’s time to check out the Huawei P9. The Huawei P9 has been crafted by some of the world’s top industrial designers, offering diamond-cut edges and an aerospace-class unibody aluminum with superior-grade 2.5D glass.

There are two camera sensors on the rear of the handset, one 12 mp RGB and one 12mp monochrome. Thanks to the merging algorithm, colours taken by the RGB sensor are seamlessly merged with the detail of the monochrome sensor to give crisp and detailed photographs.

Images taken on the handset look vivid, with colours that are extremely close to natural colours on the stunning 5.2″ FHD display with 96% colour saturation and high contrast.

To find out more check out our demo below:

For detailed spec sheet for the Huawei P9 check out yesterday’s blog.

The Huawei P9 is available Sim free with next day delivery.

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