Will Apple ditch the Home button on the iPhone 8?

Rumours have been flying since the release of the iPhone 7 about the updates Apple will feature on the iPhone 8, with speculation about wireless chargers, face recognition and glass displays.

The biggest concern for many is whether Apple will ditch the physical Home Button, with its embedded fingerprint sensor from the front of its next iPhone in order to create a bezel free display. Insiders can’t agree whether Apple will remove the trademark Touch ID scanner completely, create a virtual button or try to relocate it elsewhere on the device.

iPhone 8 concept

Mark Gurman (Consumer Tech & Apple News at Bloomberg) believes the old style Touch ID will be dropped in favour of a virtual home button and face-scanning to log-in, authenticate contactless payments and open secure iOS apps. Gurnman also reports that the ‘screen will also take up nearly the entire front of the phone, save for thinner bezels and a notch at the top of the front to fit in the camera and new sensors.’

We haven’t got long to wait, as the Apple iPhone 8 is tipped to be hitting our site mid September. Register your interest in the iPhone 8 today, to be first in line for preorders. 


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