Samsung D900 Sim-Free Unlocked Ultra Edition

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Samsung's Slimmest Slider!The Samsung D900 is Samsung's Slimmest Slider phone to date! It's bursting with impressive and versatile features and boasts an ultra slim figure of just 13 mm, weighing in at just 93 grams. The 13mm slide-up is the thinnest slider ever designed. It also comes with a powerful 3.13 mega-pixel camera, starting the 3 mega-pixel camera phone trend for the European mobile market this year.

TV-OutSave everything that matters on the Samsung D900 - your Power Point presentations, Word and Excel files or pictures and film clips. Whether you're on a business trip or out with friends, the TV out on the D900 lets you transfer all your files to a projector and display them on a TV or PC. Alternatively, if you're jetting off in a plane and want to rustle up a few last minute documents, the offline mode allows you to use all the phone's functions apart from making calls. Why not check your emails using the email client' You might find a message you've been waiting for.

Colour MadnessThe Samsung D900 supports an unbelievable 256K QVGA colour screen. This display has amazing quality and clarity to make browsing videos and images a much more enjoyable experience.

3.13 Mega-pixelCapture your favourite moments as they happen with the 3.13 mega-pixel camera, digital zoom, and integrated flash. Switch modes and catch the action in sharp digital video. What you see is always what you get with its huge TFT high-definition display. Want to add some flare to your already brilliant images' Connect your handset to a PC via the handsets USB port and enhance your photos on your computer.

Large memoryThe Samsung D900's 80MB of storage supports and expands the business capabilities of the user. The dynamic shared memory allows people to store over 1,000 images, capture 60 minutes of video, save 15 to 20 MP3 or AAC songs, enter up to 60 minutes of voice recording or just use the space for receiving and sending attached files.

Expanded memoryWhen 80MB just isn't enough, you can now also purchase up to 1GB microSD (TransFlash) cards which will allow you to store unlimited images, videos and music files.

Move with the musicPlay the music you want to hear when you want to hear it. The integrated music player can play your favourite music, in the most popular formats. Listen to ripped CDs and manage it all on the go. Samsung D900 also supports a microSD (TransFlash) card slot so you can carry thousands of music files with you.

Easy "drag and drop" transfers of your files from your compatible PC to your Orange Samsung D900keeps you on the move and in the groove. Be your own DJ everyday with the Samsung D900.

BluetoothThe Samsung D900 supports Bluetooth wireless connectivity which allows the phone to communicate with other Bluetooth devices such as headsets, digital cameras and laptops without any wires and up to 10m away.

MMSSend your pictures over MMS, the Multimedia Messaging Service. It works like text messaging, except that you can send a picture, text, voice and even video all at once.

Snap a picture, write a short note, record a message, "This view is fantastic. Words fail me. Wish you were here." And send it as a multimedia message from your Samsung D900.

Quad BandThe Samsung D900 Operates on 4 different GSM frequencies (GSM850, GSM900, GSM1800 and GSM1900) means unrivalled coverage world-wide with roaming capability in over 120 countries. The addition of GSM850 means more widespread coverage in North America.

Mobile InternetIncorporating the latest technology for WAP 2.0 mobile internet, you can use WAP to access a range of information from the Internet, via your Samsung D900's, high-resolution display, including news, travel and information.

GPRSAs the Samsung D900 supports GPRS (General Packet Radio Service), you will be able to take advantage of this virtually permanent data connection, and you will only be charged for the amount of data that you transfer, and not the amount of time that you're online.

Java technologyEnrich your Samsung D900 with interactive, pulsating games and applications which can be downloaded and stored in the handset. They are easy to uninstall, so you don't have to worry about cluttering up your memory. Just delete the application when you're done!

MIDP 2.0 is a revised version of the MIDP 1.0 specification, and includes new features such as an enhanced user interface, multimedia and game functionality, greater connectivity, over-the-air (OTA) provisioning, and end-to-end security. MIDP 2.0 is backward compatible with MIDP 1.0.

Text or txt!'Text messaging is a big part of our lives. The technology has grown rapidly in the last few years, and text messaging has now developed its own language! 'txt me 2nite!' or 'talk 2 u l8r!'. Express yourself with the Orange Samsung D900 and text messaging.


The Samsung D900 also supports video recording as well as plays back video and MP3 files just like a PC with a full range of entertainment options. With the D900's MPEG4 video recording feature, users will be able to capture more of nature's brilliance or life's experiences and share the visions and memories in living colour. Recording flexibility is offered with a digital zoom for pictures and digital video.

103.5 x 51 x 12.9 mm

85 g

Main Display
256k colour graphic
240 x 320 pixels

3.15 mega-pixel
Built-in flash
2048 x 1536 pixels

80 MB shared memory
microSD (TransFlash)

Bluetooth v2.0
3.15 MP camera
Integrated antenna
Video recorder
Voice recorder
E-mail, Word, Excel
MP3/AAC player
Built-in handsfree
3D sound speaker
MicroSD slot
WAP 2.0
TV output
Quad band
Voice memo
USB 1.1