10 things you should know about iOS 10

This month is all about Apple, with iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and the Watch Series 2 hitting the shops later this week. With hardware updates come Operating System updates. Cue the release of iOS 10.

But what can we expect from the newest iOS from the American tech giant:

1. ”Swipe to unlock” is no more. Time to retrain the brain to ”Press home to unlock.”

2. iOS 10′s revamped Messages app brings a whole host of joy to your fingertips. You’ll be able to send handwritten messages, doodle over your photos is a Snapchat style manner, send hidden messages with invisible ink (simply swipes them open), predictive emojis (which automatically replace text with emoji), view previews of website links and GIF messaging capabilities.

iOS 10 messaging

3. Deeper 3D Touch integration. 3D Touch finally makes sense with actions dotted everywhere, such as hard-pressing the “X” icon in the notifications bar to clear all and 3D empowered widgets.

4. ”Raise to Wake:” Your iPhone screen will burst into life whenever you pick up your device.

5. Swipe right for your camera app.


6. Swiping to the left displays all of your “widgets.”

7. More useful Notifications.  When notifications now pop up on your lock screen, you can hard or long press to interact with them. You’ll even be able to see a mini versions of your apps you do utilise 3D touch in your  notification centre.

8. Apple Map redesign. Enjoy live updates as your routes changes while you’re on your journey. You’ll also be able to zoom in and out or schedule stop-offs, (to find coffee or petrol for example) as you travel.

ios10 maps

9. Apple Music redesign. Navigating the library is now easier, you’ll be able to view lyrics and there’s a smarter ‘For You’ suggestion list

iOS 10 apple music

10. Intelligent Photos. Photo on iOS10 have become far more clever, with artificial intelligence search support to locate  the things you want to find.

Pre-order the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, available with international shipping.


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