3 Hidden Tricks on the BlackBerry Motion

BlackBerry recently released the impressive BlackBerry Motion, that offers an incredible array of specs including a whopping 4000mAh battery, IP67 water resistance, Snapdragon 625 SoC with 4GB of RAM and 32GB of storage.

1. Automatically silence your Motion

Offering a useful ‘Meeting Mode,’ the BlackBerry Motion will automatically silence your phone and block notifications during times when an event is scheduled in your calendar.  You can customise this to be specific to particular calendars or specific event types.

2. Scan business cards via your camera

To scan an important business card quickly and easily, simply activate the camera > Mode > Scanner > business card (the icon next to the flash toggle).

Once your new connection has been scanned in, simply hit the OCR icon to transfer the info directly into your contacts.

3. Quickly load the camera

Don’t miss a moment. Load the camera app in a flash, simply by double tapping the power button . This shortcut can be found in the Gestures section of the settings.

Purchase the BlackBerry Motion Sim Free today, available with UK and international delivery.


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